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There's way too much to explain about our relationship. And most of it shouldn't really be on the Internet, anyway.

Alex is talented; the most amazing singer, a gifted musician, creative, dramatic, passionate. Just smart enough to know that I'm smarter than he is. Ha. He is a consummate flatterer. But sometimes he even means it.

He loves being in love.

He's been in about a hundred bands... Currently, The Free Press, but previously The Gentlemen Callers, Finnighan, Matt Campbell and The Crooked Bay Road. His best work would have to be serenading me.

Favourite Moment: "Turkeys are not for biting." Salad. A very quiet, very dark night in Everett.

Sad part: September '96. New Years '97.

If you have a new boyfriend to recommend to me, by all means, email me about them.



it says a lot about Alex that he sent me this picture for his bio.
Other photos:
Alex punching me in the face
Alex and I at an FP-gig
Alex, Halloween 2004
Alex and I in Stratford 2005
Us - Sept 2006