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My work boyfriend.

My systems guy at Infinet. Always way nicer to me because I flirt with him. Hey, I know how to get a job done, OK?

Andy is a flirt and a sex fiend and my biggest supporter. He is genuine and funny and very sweet. He knows how to treat a woman. Apparently. He's told me.

You can read about it all here: socialsatire.net

Favourite Moment:
ANDY: Take my word for it, you may be the goddess of love, but I am the sultan of swing, the daddy cool, The maharajah of moves, The count of cunnilingus, The mountain of poundin', the king, the champ, the emperor...

FACE: Are you done yet?

ANDY: I think so.

FACE: I think that if someone has to boast so much, it's likely a cover up

ANDY: Poor Cath. You have issues with relinquishing the crown of coitus.

FACE: Does that mean that I HAVE the crown of coitus?

ANDY: No, had. You have to settle for the tiara now.

Sad part: He's got a thing for leather pants and Aerosmith. But there's an interesting story about Temptation by The Tea Party that I should tell you someday...

If you have a new boyfriend to recommend to me, by all means, email me about them.



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