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My husband.

Gordon is ridiculous. He is a nerd. But hot. And silly. But responsible. He's like a giant cute kid who has learned how to pay his bills. He is a scientist who loves video games and sci fi and his iPhone. Well, and me. And being on time.

We met at a Tenant Pub Night at work and I didn't even understand that he was picking me up -- or trying to. On our first date, I blathered like an idiot because I was nervous and unused to dating. He actually LIKED that. I knew I liked him when he suggested our second date be a dollar-store challenge -- because he'd listened on our first date and knew I was cheap. And then I saw him in jeans and it was all over for me. He makes my heart hurt because it feels too big for my chest.

Gordon walks with me and hangs out with me, my family, and my friends, all very graciously. As if he doesn't mind and even likes it. I'm sure I/we make him crazy but he never says anything. It seems he will try most things, unless it's Chinese food.

Favourite Moment: Jumping on the trampoline at my cousin Becca's wedding. When he told me he was going to marry me someday. "Did I just scare you? I just scared you didn't I?" Our wedding.

Sad part: Quitting smoking. Not using his dresser drawers. Part American, but what can you do?



Gordon and I, Dec 2007
Our 1st pic together?

Gordon loves hockey

Our wedding photos