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Heather lives in Vancouver. So, we don't see each other much. We were best friends as children in Alliston. We spent all our time together: hanging out at the hockey arena, babysitting, reading, whatever.

She moved away when I was 15. I cried more than I ever had before or since, probably.

She's a little shy. Well, more shy than I am, which probably isn't saying much.

She is smart. She likes order. She hates her freckles. I love them.

She doesn't like having her photo taken, but I convinced her to give me a picture. And then she sent me another of her and her husband, Steve at her brother, Kevin's, wedding (which I missed because I was in Australia).

Favourite Moment: My summers living on Vancouver Island, working at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort.

Sad Part: She's in BC.




Other photos:
Heather and Steve