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My younger brother.

Matt is the most fun. He is a nerd: loves StarTrek too much. He can make any situation entertaining. Has pretty good taste in music. Is smart and successful and people love him. A total jock, too. I think my perfect brothers have made me spoiled for other guys.

I like to think that I've had a good influence on him. His first date with his now-wife, Kendra, was a 36-hour extravaganza in which he read her love poetry and played his guitar for her. He said he learned all his smooth moves from me. [beams proudly]

Matt has helped me move about 700 times. I know he hates it, but he does it anyway. And you should see him with his daughter, Freya. Cute.

Favourite Moment: Shopping. Late night talks. Disney/Bahamas/New Orleans trip.

Sad part: Picks his nose. Prone to mooning. Sweats as much as I do.



he's not actually gay
Matt's bday, 2004