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Sara and I met through our boyfriends' band. She always came by to chat with me when I was feeling silly for sitting by myself in a bar. We started talking more and suddenly, we were hanging out OUTSIDE of the band nights and dishing about more than just our boyfriends' annoying habits.

Sara is very thoughtful - a great person to talk to. She listens to my complaining quite patiently and always has an interesting idea on how to deal with the crap in one's life.

She is helpful (see favourite moment, below). She loves to shop. She owns a LOT of shoes.

She loves her boyfriend more than anything and inspires me with her dedication to him.

She also inspires me with her optimism - I wish it would rub off on me.

Favourite Moment: When she helped me paint my house.

Sad Part: Sometimes she allows people she loves to treat her badly. She deserves better.



sara in scotland. 2006
Sara, Europe trip, 2006