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Sarah is crazy in an amazing fun way.

She loves music. She covets scooters. She enjoys good wine (and beer, but I'll forgive her for that).

She loves Hobbits, men with accents and mod boys.

She is spontaneous and thoughtful. Smart and serious at times, silly at others, and always humble. No pretention.

She thinks she's a nerd. I think she's cool for being a nerd.

She inspires me with her energy, dedication to fitness, her cooking talents, her intelligence.

Favourite Moment: Montreal Mars & Venus pub. The wonderful sweet things she has organized for me. Mocha cheesecake on my bday.

Sad Part: She deserves so much more in so many ways. And she doesn't like Star Trek.



sarah dances.xmas2002.
Sarah and I, Bala, 2005