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Tree and I met in Journalism school. She has an amazing house, husband and job as a business journalist.

She loves shoes. She introduced me to the Shopaholic books.

She is driven. She is smart. She is tough. She is generous - she even let me stay in her house when I got back from Australia while I looked for a job. And now that she lives a couple of blocks away she listens when I drop in unexpectedly to blab about how stressed out I am.

She inspires me with her amazing relationship. It makes me believe that something great CAN really happen.

She inspires me with how much she has changed since I knew her in university. It gives me hope that I can still change too. That anyone can live out their dream if they just plan and keep focussed on the goal.

She is amazingly loyal to my blog.

Favourite Moment: "My shoes look like sex."

Sad Part: Swimmer's hair in university.



More pictures:
Me and Tree at my apt in Mar 2003.
Me and Tree at Shakespeare in the Park in Summer 2004.