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<!-- January 3, 2003 -->

Daily Planet is such an uplifting show. Today's stories on the Green Ford Plant and recycling diapers has given me hope for the world.

News is usually all about the horrible things going on in the world. I long ago became disillusioned with it. They don't want to tell the really important stories. They underestimate the intelligence of their viewers and go for the lowest common denominator: dumbing down the facts, or not even GIVING most of the facts. Make no mistake: they CHOOSE what they report. I often find myself asking questions about a news story that could change my opinion on the whole thing. I certainly do not trust the people who are serving up these so-called "facts".

Daily Planet at least tries to give some idea of the rays of hope in the world. Other conventional news programs focuss on how everything is being destroyed and labelling it all "irreversibly damaged". I can count on Daily Planet to tell the story of how human adaptability and ingenuity is overcoming obstacles.

These stories inspire me and really want to do something that matters. Something to contribute to this human story of optimism. I am envious of my brothers' chosen occupations. One works as an environmental consultant for a company that cleans up all sorts of toxic messes. My other brother took the same program at Waterloo (Environmental Science). He found himself dissatisfied with his career, as he'd been working in a lab, testing tractor oil, for two years. He took the plunge: decided to go back to school to train to be a Civil Engineer.

I love science so much; why didn't I choose a career in sciences? I could be one of those people doing something important, something useful, something that contributes to the world community. Maybe one day I will find my niche in it; find that thing that makes me feel like I am contributing something as important as the Daily Planet. I want to have and give hope to others. They have, at the minimum restored some of my hope in Journalism as an honorable pursuit. They are doing something that matters and I hope they continue to succeed.


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