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<!-- February 5, 2003 -->

Ticket is in my hand. Leaving March 23rd.

Travel insurance is in my hand.

$2230.38 later.


Good thing I work at the LCBO. What better way to forget about the wasteland that is my pocketbook? Well, at least for now it's just gaining Air Miles on my credit card.

In other, loosely-related news, I was lamenting the loss of my long, blonde hair the other day. Partly because I was thinking of growing it for my trip and then because that drove me to look at Anita's fantastic photo.

Sigh. Well, I guess a good photographer can make anyone can look like a model.

Maybe Neet could follow me around everywhere I go, ensuring that my makeup and lighting is just-so? I think that's only fair, considering how I helped her on her site tonight...


Photo by Anita Zvonar