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<!-- March 1, 2003 -->

I'm an idiot.

Always doing stupid, impulsive things.

Well, I suppose that's the only way that fun things will happen to you.

Except that I'm still home on a Saturday night.

Well, it's giving me a chance to work on my site, at least. I'm getting really frustrated and about to throw my computer out the window because either:
(a) I don't understand CSS or
(b) my server is caching
(c) the Internet is broken

Likely (c).

Clownfire never fails to call me to distract me from my work, of course. He's in love; and in love with being in love. Happily, it's not with me. Sadly, this means that the site will not be done tonight.


frustrating html. why the hell isn't this working?
The Internet

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