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<!-- March 23, 2003 -->

10:30 am. Flight 815 to Chicago.
Song playing: Our Lady Peace, "Life is waiting for you.."

Starting the descent into Chicago.
Ears popping, nose running.

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad was difficult. It just went so quickly. I was checking in and the lady said I had to go immediately to US Customs. Mom and Dad couldn't go with me.

So I hugged them and said good-bye. Actually, I couldn't talk at all or I would have started bawling messily. Dad got choked up too, I noticed. It was so hard. How does one say good-bye to their family for a year? I wanted to say something profound, something that would make it all better. But of course, nothing like that exists. Maybe the quick good-bye was a blessing. But I feel that I didn't say/do enough to let them know how I feel. All because I didn't trust myself to speak.

So I had the time and leftover CDN$ after going through customs to get a coffee and check my email. Wrote the family to tell them how much I love them, will miss them and how much their support and help has meant to me. And it's not just them. I wrote to others to let them know how much their help and friendship has meant to me the past couple of weeks. Nothing like a long trip to make you tell people how you feel about them. I should do it more often, I know. So many people went out of their way to be wonderful to me in my last days in Canada. It was amazing!

Well, welcome to Chicago. Nine degrees celcius. 10:45 am.

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