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<!-- April 9, 2003 -->

12 noon

The train ride from Gosford is just beautiful. The scenery rivals what I've seen on our annual family gruel (camping trip, for the uninitiated).

Lakes and rivers, vast expanses of forest, majectic cliffs.

Of course, I just missed my stop by writing that. Sigh. OK, change trains; go back one stop...

Even just standing in the Pymble Station, I can smell the lovely fragrance of the flowers cascading down the bank on the other side of the track. The fragrance is everywhere.

And while the sun is quite warm, the breeze is quite cool. Fresh.

I'm on my way to move into my new place in Surry Hills today. I can't wait.

* * *


Sitting in Starbucks, struggling to hear the music above the giggling school girls who hang out at Starbucks after schol to compare how little they ate today.

I've escaped another downpour by coming in for a double shot Americano. Settled into the mug with a bun from the Chinese fun shop a couple blocks away in Haymarket. Starbucks don't have bathrooms (just called toilets here) so I was sure to go at the Buger King across the street. I've become a pro at Sydney!;) I've discovered where the best egg tarts are and where they're both good AND cheap. How many people whouldn't tried FOUR bun shops within this amount of time in one city?

What can I tell you? I'm dedicated.

Although the rain has slowed, it's still raining steadily. Well, at least while i've been sitting here, writing, I was also able to read the newspaper and find out about some of the theatre shows on right now. There are so many.

I figure I'd better start doing things in the city, or I won't have used my time here well.

I seem to have forgotten that sitting in a Starbucks, reading the Arts section of the newspaper and writing in my journal is probably one of my favourite things to do. Worrying about how I should be looking for work just gets in the way of enjoying it. This day is a gift.

I lift my mug to the rain outside.

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