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<!-- May 2, 2003 -->

What are YOU doing right now?

Sittin' here, drinking my chocolate martini, alone in my quiet house (for once), having savoured my homemade wonton soup for dinner... DAMN I'm a good cook!

Waiting til I have to leave to go meet Alesha at the busstop so that we can go out dancing for the night.

Clearly, this is not a post that my dad will enjoy reading. I can hear him sighing and shaking his head.

Have I moved my life from Toronto here to Sydney? Maybe. But I seem to like it a whole lot more. Although I wish my friends/family were here, but then I probably wouldn't be meeting the people I'm meeting if they were.

I feel good. Like I've accomplished something. Already. It's only been a month. But I have a life here.

I've actually formed closer friendships with some people since I've been away. It certainly helps me figure out who really doesn't care that much about me. And that's good to know.

So here's a toast to the people I love the most. You know who you are, because I've likely told you in the past couple of weeks. And here's a toast to a Friday night of cleavage, chocolate martinis, gettin my groove on in Sydney and all the wonderful people I'm going to meet tonight. I'll even drink to my dad, shaking his head at his poor, misguided daughter, whom he only wants the best for. He should know that I judge all characters I meet by the moral standards he sets.

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