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<!-- June 5, 2003 -->

Sitting in the sun on my half-hour break in Glebe, going over the conversation I've just had with co-worker, Ben, who's in the middle of a journalism degree.

I have a practiced explanation for why I didn't "do" journalism after my degree. I belittle the media, talk about being jaded by j-school. There's no truth, only someone's story - whatever one they want (or their editor wants) t otell. I talk about my mistrust, the sensationism.

But I don't know if it's all true.

Certainly, all the things I'm saying are true. The news IS sensationalistic and everyone has their own bias when telling a story, etc. But I'm not sure that's the reason I didn't want to do journalism. But I realize, by repeating this speech over and over, I've half convinced myself it's true.

While I've never been a news junky, it's not that it's been a particularly political action or a boycott, exactly. More like disinterest. I don't watch TV much, either. I just don't find it interesting. Boring words, boring stores, for the most part. In school, I was never able to tell the stories I though inportant or interesting.

And maybe I just wasn't good enough at what you need to be good AT to be a good journalist.

And who wants to admit THAT? Much easier to make up a good story and sound intelligent.

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