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<!-- September 21, 2003 -->

On my way out of Darwin, the sun, a perfect sphere of burnt orange, lifts quickly from the horizon. The sky is awash with dusky purple, pinks and oranges fading up to pale yellow. It's the best view of Darwin that I've had.

I can't understand why anyone would love that city. Maybe if you lived somewhere nice...

I should remember that I always hate a place if I'm staying somewhere grotty. Melaleuca is definitely grotty. I paid $6/night more to stay at a moderately better place (the YHA) which wasn't even much better. I should have stayed at Frog's Hollow, the hostel that most people were quite happy with. But it was out of town a bit and more expensive and I just thought that two free nights accommodation were worth it. Sometimes it does suck to be poor.

I suppose it's not worth it if it makes you unhappy. But it was easier, and maybe I learned a lesson. Actually, it's not so bad if you have good people in your room. Unfortunately, the guy at reception made the mistake of assuming that, because we'd been on a tour together, I'd enjoy spending time with a 19-year-old Scottish girl that I nothing in commom with.

I cannot handle rudeness. It is just unnecessary and makes everyone miserable. However, I am sure that this trial was sent to me to teach me something. I have to figure out how to NOT let people like that ruin my fun.

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