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<!-- photos - Dave in Toronto 2004 -->

August, 2005

Dave came from Japan for a visit. It was so good to see him, even though it was just for a short time. It was just like when he lived here: eating and movies. Good times.

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Dave and Neet at Tortilla flats Dave, Anita and I met at Tortilla Flats for dinner. We ate and talked. Just like the old days. Except not as much drinking.
Me and Neet at Tortilla Flats Anita and I at Tortilla Flats. Me in my flashy one-day Gap jean jacket. (Took it back the next day. Too expensive, but I was cold.)
Me and Dave at Tortilla Flats Dave and I at Tortilla Flats. We're cute.
Genuis' spotted: Paramount theatre, Toronto Neet and I at the Paramount theatre where we went to see yet another movie.
Genuis' spotted: Paramount theatre, Toronto Much fun taking photos at the Paramount theatre.
Models spotted: Paramount theatre, Toronto Seriously, when does this become nerdy?