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:: Thursday, July 10, 2003 ::
Again, opened the Glebe Roaster this morning. Early mornings are definately NOT my thing.

Well, I suppose they might be if I actually got any sleep, ever.

Off at 12:30, I walked through Sydney University. What a beautiful university. What a beautiful day.

I was going to do some errands before starting my next shift at the Surry Hills location of the Roaster, but then a wonderful thing happened.

Tony called.

We had a lovely conversation. And I sat down in the park just in front of the university and basked in the sun and talked and laughed. It was the first time I'd relaxed in days.

So, after we'd talked probably too long (considering the cost of calling me here without a special phone card) I went and did the closing shift at the Surry Hills Roaster.

I ran home to show my apartment to another potential roommate.

Then I finally made it to the gym. I suppose once this week is better than not at all, right?

Verdict: Pilates and Body Pump class are so good for me (as I sit here eating a croissant from the Roaster).

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