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:: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ::
I'm still in Darwin.

Today I went on a fantastic day trip to Litchfield National Park. Went swimming in Florence and Tolmer falls which could not be cool enough, given the heat of the day.

With a really cool tourguide, two good meals and a private viewing of the life and death of a frill-necked lizard, it was totally worth the $30 I paid!!

Now I'm staying overnight in Melaleuca Lodge (yes, the place I left when I first got here as I deemed it too grotty). But it's a free night included in my three-day tour of Kakadu.

Sept 18-20 Kakadu.
Sept 20 Overnight Darwin
Sept 21-23 Darwin - Alice Springs
Sept 23 overnight Alice Springs
Sept 24-26 Uluru, King's Canyone, Olgas
Sept 26 overnight Alice Springs
Sept 27-28 Alice Springs to Adelaide

Can't be sure when I'll be able to post or when I'll have mobile access. Likely only when I come in for an overnight stay in a real town/city.

Tomorrow, I get picked up at 6:30am for my heat-stroke tour. Yay.

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