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:: Thursday, January 22, 2004 ::
Poor Jaap's car is feeling a little under the weather. It's going in for a little check-up. On the wiring.
First, he was mad about that.

Then, he lost his car keys. Then he was upset, thinking someone might steal the car. I didn't think that was a big deal, since they wouldn't get very far when the car dies every few kilometres.

Then, this morning, he sends me an email, I read it, then delete it. I think he was more upset about me deleting his email than anything else. He was very proud of the email.

All that means is we're here in Christchurch for another day. Which is fine with me. I like it here. It's pretty. Very European. And the Busker Festival is fun. We went to the Busker Comedy Club last night again and saw the Canadians, Acromaniacs. They were very good. But I think that the Japanese Gamarjobats stole the show.

I also managed to make it to the Christchurch Art Gallery, do two of the city walks and have a sinfully delicious chocolate treat at the Copenhagen Bakery, recommended to me by an old, old friend, Rachael.

Today, Jaap and I will go to the Museum and to the Botanical Gardens while we wait for the guy from the garage to call us about the car.

Had to check out of the lovely Stonehurst hostel and back into Charlie B's for tonight, as Stonehurst was full. Sad. But I suppose it's just a place to sleep, so I shouldn't be so picky. But sometimes it's just nice to be comfortable.

Actually, I'm kind of happy about the extra day here. I was able to get my haircut this morning, where I met a woman from Reno, Nevada, who's living here now with her husband who's job puts him somewhere different all the time. Her daughter is a hairdresser in Toronto. And I also met a man from Vancouver this morning who's hiked almost all of New Zealand and gave me a lot of good suggestions on what I shouldn't miss.

I'm happily starting to get my travel legs back.
Still miss Melbourne, though.

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