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Kendra is a good roommate. She came to live with me when my ex moved out. Thank god it worked out. God knows it's tough to live with someone as anal as I am. Now she lives with my brother in Guelph in their lovely home and are married and my FIRST niece, Freya!

She loves beer. And fruit. And garlic. And the sun.

She loves my brother. Which is enough for me to know she's smart.

She is impulsive. And super friendly. She listens to me when I need to talk. She wants to fix everything.

She likes being a nerd like the rest of us.

She inspires me with her dedication to her chosen career (nursing).

Favourite Moment: "So, do you like bacon fat?" "Did you have sex?!" "I know how to look."

Sad Part: Odd food preferences. It takes a while for her to feel comfortable and be her wonderful self around you.



kendra.summer 2001.
Kendra the model