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<!-- April 18, 2003 -->

Rugby Night in Australia (doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)

Watching "league rugby".

I don't really understand the difference. Alhtough they tell me that this one is a "gentlmen's game played by thugs."

John, Jan's brother-in-law, says the other one (Union) is "a thug's game played by gentlemen." This is the most refined thing he says all night.

Tanya says, "They haven't got a lot up here," she points to her forehead. "That's why they play THIS game." She smiles at her uncle, ribbing him. John plays League.

The whole family is spread in front of the "telly" watching the game. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, cousins, brothers and friends. Some prefer to comment on the game ("GOOD BALL!" John screams. "Kick 'is head in, ya bugga!"). Some prefer to comment on the comments.

"John!" exclaims Prue, his mother-in-law. "I had no idea you were so vulgar!"

"Ah," John scoffs, "They all say the same or worse in the game! Lookit him -- and that face he's pullin'! You reckon he talks to his mum with that mouth?"

Pete, Jan's father, used to play "second line" in League, we find out.

"Ah!" John cries, "You were a bum-sniffa like me!"

Jan just sits there, cringing and saying what a horrible game it is.

She has five boys. They play. Of COURSE they play.

26-20; Sydney's beating Brisbane.

The girls by the fire comment on how cute the various players are. John keeps quoting stats and saying, "That bloke is one of the best players in the WORLD."

"Give it to 'im in the eyes!" he cries. "He can't get ya if he can't see ya!"

They're tackling and grabbing and pulling and smashing each other. And the family is surprised they're playing on Good Friday? What better way to commemorate Jesus' violent death than with one of the most violent sports to ever take grown men's fancy?

No matter what their reaction to the game, they seem proud of their violent national sport. It's a sport for REAL men.

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