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Blue Mountains

Stopped on the way over the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters. The Plains all remarked on how touristy it had all become. They hadn't been here in 8 years. Tanya wondered why we were going to see them at all.

"It's just some rocks," she said.

And she's right, of course. It's much what I would say about a rock formation at home if I were being forced to go out of my way to see it on the way to my grandparents.

But they are interesting formations, nonetheless. They're created by the mixture of soft, eroding sandstone and the hard ironstone. Some of the vegetation that grows there is specific to these mountains and not found anywhere else in the world.

At the Visitor's Pavilion, we found a beautiful gallery with local art. I bought two cards that I can't WAIT to send to someone. I will be judicious about whom I send them to as they are very special pieces of art and I want to be sure that the person understands how wonderful they are.

I found out that Jan loves art very much and I told her that we really must go on a gallery tour together. I hope she takes me up on it.

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