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:: Sunday, January 15, 2006 ::
My last day at work passed on Friday. It was a little strange. It really didn't feel like the last day.

I worked until 5pm - still not done all of the things that I would have liked to have done - and crammed a bunch of things from my desk into my bag. I jumped on the TTC to drop it all off at home before heading off to the "good-bye Cathy" party.

We met at The Butler's Pantry on Markham St. and I gotta tell ya, that is a great restaurant. It's good, simple food at good prices. Really casual, but really cute.

Markham St. might be my new favourite street.

We ate and hung out for a while, chatting and drinking. Finally, we headed out for a more loungey feel and ended up Ciao Edie, just down the street on College. Also a great place.

More martinis and a couple of shots. Drunken conversations, dancing.
It was really nice to hang out - although we did probably talk about work too much. But what else can you expect from people who work together?

And then I took Alex home as he'd had a long, hard day and had already fallen asleep on the couch, poor guy.

So now all I have left is to go in for a Congee Star lunch next week and finish cleaning out my desk. And that will be that.

I will definitely keep in touch with some of those people because they are great. I can only hope that I'll meet as talented people at my new job.

And now for my action-packed week off...
Let the games begin!

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