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I spent a year in Australia on a working holiday visa between April 2002-2003.

I started off in Sydney and worked there for about three months (waitressing), then travelled up the east coast to Cairns and Cape Tribulation. I took a flight across to Darwin, where I explored Kakadu National Park before heading down to Alice Springs and Uluru. Following a three-day tour of the centre, I hightailed it to Adelaide where I relaxed for a week before going to live with my friend Scott in Melbourne. I worked for three months in Melbourne, at GE Consumer Finance and Peter Rowland Catering. When I'd saved enough money, I flew to New Zealand where I travelled around in a car with my friend Jaap for a month. Perth was my next destination and I managed to get in a month in Western Australia before my visa ran out and I had to go home.

I have heaps of photos (below) and journals and blogs from my time in Australia. Take the time to read them... it was a life-changing year. If you don't have the time and you're looking for info, go ahead and check out the links page for some really good info or email me if you'd like me to dish on something specific. I'm always happy to talk about my experiences!

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