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My sister Jen lives in Calgary, so I go visit her every once in a while.

Easter 2001
The first time I went was around Easter 2001, when we met up with my friend Heather and did some snowboarding. I didn't know how to snowboard, so I took lessons and hung out on the bunny hill a lot and hurt myself.

We also did some cross country skiing and a bit of a hike around Banff on our extreme weekend. Later, when Jen went back to work, I entertained myself by going caving in Canmore and wandering around Calgary.

August 2004
I went in August 2004 with my mom and dad to do a lot of hiking in the Rockies. It was a stopover on our way to Heather's wedding in Victoria.

  • Photos Hiking trip - browse photos on my site

  • April 2005
    I went again in April 2005 with my mom, Matt and Kendra to do some skiing. This time, I had practiced and stuck to what I knew (no more snowboarding exploits). Only have one photo up: right, bottom.

    Feb 25-Mar 5, 2006
    The ski trip sas such a hit that we decided to do it again the next year: Feb 25-Mar 5, 2006. Unfortunately, Kendra couldn't come this time, so it was just me, Jen my mom and Matt. We'd had a crappy no-snow winter in Ontario, so my mom and I had only been out once before we got there. It made for some initial timidity, but no major injuries.

  • Photos: Ski trip, Feb 25-Mar 5, 2006 - images on Flickr.com

  • March 22-31, 2007
    Since Matt and Kendra had no vacation time left, our ski vacation (March 22-31, 2007) group dwindled to just me, Jen my mom. But we had a great time! This time, mom and I had been out three times in Ontario already. Not that this prepares you for the Rockies, exactly, but by the time we got to Kicking Horse (Fernie rained AGAIN) we were tackling black diamonds in no time!

  • Photos, March 22-Mar 31, 2007: Album 1 and Album 2 - images on Facebook

  • February 8-18, 2008
    We had most of the family there -- all except my dad. We also had a great day skiing in Fernie, finally, with something like five feet of powder -- in which I promptly lost my ski. But I had a ridiculous migraine most of the trip. We also got in some time at Sunshine and Kicking Horse, although it was packed on Family Day! We even managed to do a hike at Johnston's Canyon with crampons.

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  • Photos: Ski trip, February 8-18, 2008 - images on Facebook

  • January 30 - February 7, 2009
    We skiied two days in Fernie, two days in Panorama and a day in Lake Louise. We stayed in much nicer accommodations as we had seven adults (Will and girlfriend Jo, Matt and Kendra, Jen, Mom and me) and a baby (Freya) which reduced the cost per person significantly.

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  • Photos: Ski trip, January 30 - February 7, 2009 - images on Picasa

  • February 19 - 28, 2010
    We skiied Revelstoke for the first time with mom and Jen, which was awesome. And some standards with Will and Jo including Kicking Horse.

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  • Photos: Ski trip, February 19 - February 28, 2010 - images on Picasa

  • March 2012
    We skiied Revelstoke for the second time with mom and Jen, which was awesome. And some standards with Will and Jo (and Marc and Colin too!) including Kicking Horse.

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