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:: Friday, July 25, 2003 ::
It is still only my Australian birthday and NOT my birthday in Canada yet. Sigh.

However, Alex already called and wished me a happy birthday. He's so sweet. The cutest part is when he called too early, having miscalculated the time.

Last night, I taught Andrea a new word that is very important in my world.


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And that's what you get when you let a drunken german girl post to your website.

Also, apparently, Andy got a haircut and looks yummy. Of course.

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it's soooooooooo exiting, i'm on cathy's website. i like it!!!!!!!!! (almost as much as my new "wild gold" cd)
actually i'm much wilder than my cd.

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hello, this is andrea....
actually we didn't go to the mca, we were just drinking the whole evening!!!!
but that's a lot more fun and we're still going on with that...............yipiehhhh!!!!

just bought 9 new trance and dance cd's and we're now going to have a dance party here, so if anyone is interested, please join us at cathy's house...............

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:: Thursday, July 24, 2003 ::
Today, after work, while eating my tandoori chicken wrap in Ward park, the playground near my house, I tried to send out a brain wave to Alex to call me.

It didn't work.

But Andrea called me. And now we're off to the Museum of Contemporary Art and then the Boutique Wine Festival.

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I just received a birthday card from my brother Will that is bright pink and features a purple fuzzy bear.

"A dorky card from one of your dorky brothers.
Place [sic] safe & have fun.

I'm in tears.
Brothers are good.

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:: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 ::
Worked all day today and then went to the Art Gallery (Art After Hours) to see the old "Moulin Rouge"; a film about the life of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. Interesting film. Nothing like the modern Moulin Rouge movie, though.

Got a beautiful birthday card from my sister, Jen along with some lovely photos!

Yesterday, I got a birthday package from Heather and I'm wearing the present she sent today. Andrea was SO jealous!

And, on the weekend, I got a racey birthday card from my MOM!

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:: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ::
Have been forgetting to post! My apologies!

Sunday night was dinner and a movie night at my place. Andrea and I made spagetti, Michelle brought caramel date cookies and vanilla ice cream and we all watched Moulin Rouge.

Andrea and I know all the words to all the songs and tried very hard not to sing so as not to spoil the movie for Michelle.

Ewan was amazing and beautiful, as usual.


Monday was work, laundry and gym day. Terribly exciting.

Then I rushed home, showered and rushed over to Blackbird Cafe in Darling Harbour for dinner. It was Sabine's birthday, so we celebrated with a lovely dinner. Sabine and I are also having a party at my house this Saturday to celebrate both our birthdays.

Today I worked again, of course.

There was a new window display at Spirit Level, a new mural in Central Station's tunnel and a new view as I crossed the footbridge, since the sun is rising earlier now... my walk to work was a whole new world!

After work, Andrea and I went to a new photo exhibit at the State Library. It was outstanding. What an amazing photographer.

Then we had coffee and chatted about destiny at Gloria Jeans, went lipstick shopping and walked home.

Tonight, I get to talk to Sarah! YAY!

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